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3. _City of Tokyo / Sore kara / In Tokyo / Dai to shimasu_ ( _Tokyo City / Before / In Tokyo / To Do_ ) Director: Yoshihiro Fukagawa Cast: Keiko Kishi, Nobuko Miyamoto, Takashi Tsukamoto Plot: The blind woman, who has no regrets of her past life, makes her way into Tokyo in search of a job. Runtime: 168 . 4. _Shou sakkou ni ne / Izuru natte / Shimau_ ( _Don't Cry / Will Meet / No Good_ ) Director: Yoshiyuki Kuroda Cast: Rie Nakano, Kaoru Sugita, Sayuri Iwai Plot: A widow who is a courtesan falls in love with a talented courtesan who is the same age as her and her lover, and they become inseparable. Runtime: 177 . 5. _Tenshi no jouken_ ( _Loving You, My Love / The Mysterious Man with a Lute_ ) Director: Kunitoshi Manda Cast: Machiko Ono, Toshio Nakano, Kaoru Mizuki Plot: A woman dies while climbing the burning building. He is the only witness left, and he suffers from amnesia and carries the burden of guilt for the victim. Runtime: 183 . 6. _Sore to hito wa watashi / Furusato kana_ ( _My Living People / Memories_ ) Director: Heigo Yoshida Cast: Kazue Takahashi, Takao Kato, Kyoko Enami Plot: A high school student falls in love with his classmate who was raped by a classmate. His family and the police are against their relationship, but they are strong in their love. Runtime: 183 . 7. _Inu no kuni no hashi / Kinteki no ankoku_ ( _The Sound of the Dog / Curse of the Dreadful Dog_ ) Director: Noboru Kuchi Cast: Eiko Takahashi, Tatsuo Yamashita, Hidetaka Yoshioka Plot: A retired housewife loses her husband and takes care of her daughter. She starts working as a secretary in a small town. Runtime: 194 . 8.




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